Product Manager, Blockchain Integrations

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Product Manager, Blockchain Integrations

Job description

About the Role

In this role you will manage the integration of multiple blockchains into the Chainlink ecosystem. Enabling a deep integration with many different blockchains is a big part of Chainlink’s ability to act as the middleware standard that will drive adoption of blockchains in general, both by enterprises and various startup teams. You’ll work directly with the senior management team to evaluate which chains to integrate, oversee integration, represent Chainlink in each respective community and ensure that Chainlink’s usefulness for each additional blockchain is maintained. This is the first dedicated position of its type at Chainlink and has large growth potential into a senior management role, as we rapidly expand our coverage of any/all blockchains.


  • Work directly with the company’s founders to form and execute a larger blockchain integration strategy for Chainlink
  • Manage a growing team of blockchain integration engineers to initial integrate and maintain integrations with the top 50 blockchains and their various private variants
  • Collaborate with our engineering teams to design and implement an integration framework, allowing for a smooth transition to different blockchain networks
  • Determine roadmap and plan for launching Chainlink onto additional blockchains
  • Efficiently work with our developers to prioritize developments tasks
  • Work with marketing to communicate messaging of integrations
  • Develop relationships with key stakeholders of other blockchains

Job requirements

  • Bachelor's degree in related field or 3+ years of highly technical experience
  • Technical and/or product management experience on a blockchain project
  • Ability to work in on a distributed team with a high degree of ownership
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Experience in the Blockchain or crypto space
  • Open minded to new ideas with mindset of continuous learning

Smart contracts are on track to revolutionize how all agreements work, through an entirely new system of technologically enforced contract guarantees. Chainlink enables next-generation smart contracts that can be written about any/all events in the real world, the details of our approach can be found in our whitepaper. We are well recognized for providing highly secure and reliable blockchain connectivity to the world's largest enterprises such as Google, Oracle, SWIFT, and many more. This is a unique opportunity to join one of the top companies developing cutting-edge blockchain technology while working closely together with a team of experienced senior developers.

This role is location agnostic anywhere in the world. Though we ask that you overlap some working hours with Eastern Standard Time (EST).

*SmartContract is an Equal Opportunity Employer*