We're Reinventing What Makes a Trustworthy Agreement: Smart Contracts

Smart Contracts are on track to become the dominant form of digital agreement that powers the Global Economy

We're Creating a Better Model for Smart Contracts

Smart contracts promise to revolutionize how all agreements work through an entirely new level of technologically enforced guarantees, making them a superior form of digital agreements. You can learn more details about our approach in the Chainlink whitepaper, recent announcement with large companies such as Google and Oracle, and a larger collection of writings here.

Industry-Leading Team

We're an experienced team of developers, academics, and results-oriented entrepreneurs constantly striving to create the highest quality tangible solutions. Becoming part of the team building Chainklink means working closely with colleagues and advisors who've founded and helped scale organizations such as Ethereum, Amazon, Facebook, DocuSign, Twilio, Pivotal Labs, and more.  We have an active idea meritocracy inside of Chainlink, focused on achieving our common goal of evolving the way society's most important agreements actually work, by building the next generation of smart contracts.

Growing Community

We have an active, large and growing community that supports the success of the open source Chainlink project. We pride ourselves on building the best possible blockchain oracle middleware, which all smart contract developers can adopt to extend the functionality of their smart contract applications. We work in a rapidly developing space at the intersection of several fields, exploring and leveraging the latest research available in cryptography, game theory and computer science. Our work on Chainlink has been recognized by leading independent research firms such as Gartner, and featured in many leading publications such as MIT Technology Review, Forbes, and Coindesk.

Revolutionary Product

As the methods of agreement have evolved over time, the representation of contractual terms has shifted from paper-based agreements to digital contracts, and now to self-executing "smart contracts". We believe smart contracts are on track to become the dominant form of digital agreement because of the unique trust dynamics they necessitate between contracting parties, providing technological guarantees of a contract's expected outcome. Our goal is to make the next generation of smart contracts come to life, by allowing smart contracts on any blockchain to securely access any critical off-chain resource.

Building Chainlink Means:

  • Building a World Changing Product
  • Being Part of an Idea Meritocracy
  • A Large Degree of Real Responsibility
  • An Open Source Software Ethos
  • Autonomous & Flexible Work Schedule
  • The Ability to Work from Anywhere