Blockchain Application Security Engineer

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Blockchain Application Security Engineer

Job description

About this Role

Today, Chainlink is used by smart contract applications securing over $7B in value. The security of smart contracts and Oracle platforms is critical to the decentralized ecosystem, and you will be Chainlink’s trusted engineer leading efforts to ensure the integrity and security of our smart contracts and node software.

If you have a passion for Solidity, the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), distributed computing and security, and enjoy poking holes in smart contracts, we’d love to hear from you.

This is a key position on our team and will involve auditing, threat modelling, distributed application design, penetration testing, and enhancing the security of our smart contracts and node software.

Your Impact

  • Perform security assessments and threat modeling of blockchain protocols and smart contracts
  • Partner with your teammates in the engineering team to advise on code and architecture and encourage a security mindset
  • Contribute code to blockchain monitoring software to detect abnormal or malicious behavior (51% attacks, dangerous smart contract calls, validator misbehavior, and more)
  • Investigate impactful changes such as network upgrades
  • Design and implement solutions to complex engineering and research problems
  • Continually improve our blockchain security tools and processes using modern software engineering practices.

Our Stack

Golang, TypeScript, Solidity, Postgres, Terraform, AWS

Job requirements

  • Software engineering background (CS/SE degree or equivalent experience)
  • 5 years of working experience in software engineering
  • 3 years of working experience in a related cybersecurity role
  • Experience with developing security plans, processes, and controls
  • Experience with discovering vulnerabilities at the design/system level
  • Experience across common vulnerability classes relevant to our tech stack
  • Proven ability to communicate across roles to drive a security mindset across the company
  • Good knowledge of operational security
  • Experience with monitoring and alerting
  • Experience working in an early growth-stage company
  • Focus on improving real-world security, not compliance
  • Blockchain/cryptocurrency experience is a plus but not necessary

This role is location-agnostic, and we employ engineers worldwide. However, we ask that some of your working hours overlap with Eastern Standard Time (EST).

About Us

Smart contracts are on track to revolutionize how all agreements work, through an entirely new system of technologically enforced contract guarantees. Chainlink enables next-generation smart contracts that can be written about any/all events in the real world; the details of our approach can be found in Chainlink's whitepaper. Chainlink is well recognized for providing highly secure and reliable blockchain connectivity to the world's largest enterprises, such as Google, Oracle, SWIFT, and many more. This is a unique opportunity to join one of the top companies developing cutting-edge blockchain technology while working closely together with a team of experienced senior developers.

*Chainlink Labs is an Equal Opportunity Employer.*